The Officers

The Cathedral ringers are an active band with the following officers currently elected to run the tower for the members. You can see their roles and responsibilities at the bottom of the page.

Position Current Incumbent Contact Details
Tower Captain / Ringing Master Peter Sheppard Email:
Phone: 07545 667 261
Deputy Tower Captain David J Mattingley Please initially contact the secretary
Secretary Chris Cockel Email:
Steeple Keeper Stephen Piper Please initially contact the secretary

Roles & Responsibilities

This section details the key roles and responsibilities of each of the officer roles of the Portsmouth Cathedral Society of Bellringers.

Ringing Master / Tower Captain

The Tower Captain, also known as the Ringing Master, has overall responsibility for the running of the tower and all bellringing activities within the tower at the Cathedral.

They are primarily responsible for day to day liaising with the Dean / Chapter / CEO of the Cathedral and dealing with any matters arising between the Cathedral and the operations of the tower.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Running ringing or deputising it to either the Deputy or other experienced ringer
  • Prime responsibility for Safeguarding and ensuring this is implemented and monitored in line with the policy(ies)
  • Coordinating with bellringers from the local band for ringing activities
  • Identifying development and progression opportunities for members of the local band and making sure that these are implemented into the regular ringing schedule
  • Overseeing the training of new bellringers

Deputy Ringing Master

The Deputy Ringing Master is person who deputises for the Tower Captain in all matters relating to ringing activities, if the Tower Captain is not available.


The secretary is responsible for managing the ringing calendar of activities and all correspondence received relating to the bellringers. Working closely with the tower captain to make sure there is adequate attendance for ringing activities.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with the Cathedral office in relation to requests for visiting ringers
  • Liaising with the Cathedral office to set the calendar of peals and quarter peals
  • Working with the Cathedral office and bellringers to coordinate wedding ringing and making sure there are ringers assigned to provide cover for wedding ringing
  • Maintaining the register of attendance and list of bellringers in a secure database
  • Maintaining the Safeguarding policy and undertaking monitoring and reporting with the Tower Captain on safeguarding activities
  • Ensuring declarations are received by visiting ringers and storing these securely as part of the records

Steeple Keeper

The Steeple Keeper has primary responsibility for the maintenance of the bells, the infrastructure supporting the bells and the ringing room and intermediate chamber.

They will be responsible for liaising with the Cathedral office to discuss maintenance requirements and work closely with the other officers to advise of maintenance considerations for the future.

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