Visiting Ringers

The Cathedral welcomes visiting ringers either for outings, to join the locals for practice nights or for longer pieces of ringing, such as quarter peals or peals.

Practice Nights

Our practice nights are on a Thursday at 7:30pm, with the third Thursday of the month being a dedicated 12 bell practice (primarily suitable for ringers looking to improve their method ringing on 12 bells).


We currently ring from 10:15am – 11:00am on a Sunday morning.

By pre-arrangement we also ring for evensong service at 5:45pm.

Peals & Quarter Peals

We generally have 13 peals slots per year on the bells, including a New Year’s eve late night peal, and applications for visiting bands to have a peal slot are welcomed. You can see a list of the peal slots available on our calendar page here.

By pre-arrangement quarter peals can be rung for evensong service on a Sunday, or at other times if there isn’t an event already arranged within the Cathedral.

Visiting Ringers Declaration Form

All visiting ringers will be required to comply with our safeguarding policy, which you can read in full here, and each individual ringer will also be required to sign a copy of the declaration form prior to ringing. Failure to do so will unfortunately mean that they will not be allowed to ring. This includes any visiting bands for peals, quarter peals or general ringing.

Below is a copy of the declaration for general visiting ringers or ringers under 18, with a downloadable PDF copy also available at the bottom of the page.

Safeguarding Working Procedure – Bellringing at Portsmouth Cathedral

Visiting bellringers will be welcomed to ring for services or practice at Portsmouth Cathedral.

Part A – Attending Portsmouth Cathedral Tower for Bellringing

  1. Only the people named in advance as a visiting bellringer will be allowed to partake of bellringing. (You must read, complete and return Part B below)
  2. It is expected that all visiting bellringers will be at least 18 years of age on the date of the visit. If any visiting bellringer will be a minor, i.e. aged 17 or below, on the date of the visit, the Tower Captain (or other officer in the absence of the Tower Captain) must have been informed before ringing commences and additional information and procedures will be discussed with the parent/carer of the young person. A parent or adult carer of the minor will accompany them at all times.
  3. All visiting ringers must wear sensible footwear (no high heels or other footwear that may incumber a stable balance whilst ringing).
  4. Members and participants are responsible for the security and insurance of their personal property, the Cathedral accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused to any such property.
  5. No electrical equipment other than mobile phones may be brought into the Tower.
  6. No smoking is permitted anywhere in the Cathedral or Tower.
  7. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the Tower. No alcohol may be brought into, or consumed in the Tower.
  8. If the fire alarm sounds and the Cathedral needs to be evacuated, all visiting bellringers must follow the instructions of the Tower Captain or other officers of the tower accompanying them.

Procedure for visiting the Cathedral

  1. On arrival, visitors should report to the north door (unless instructed otherwise) where you will be met by the Tower Captain or designated volunteer.
  2. You will be accompanied up to the tower where the secretary will require you to review and sign the declaration and record any relevant details on the register.
  3. The sole purpose of the visiting bellringer accessing the Tower and Ringing Chamber is to ring the bells. Accessing any other area in the Tower is prohibited unless by express permission from the tower captain or other tower officer and if granted permission you will remain accompanied by the Tower Captain or designated volunteer at all times.
  4. No photography or video recording of any sort should take place in the ringing chamber unless agreed by the Tower Captain (who will check and gain express permission of every person concerned before photo or recording is permitted). 12.
  5. All publicity and any media enquiries about this bell ringing visit will be handled by the Cathedral Office. All media enquiries must be referred to the Cathedral Office during office hours.

Part B – Declaration Form – must be completed and handed to the Tower Captain or Secretary

  1. I am aware that this activity includes physical, manual handling and access is via a spiral staircase but in the event of an emergency there may be a need to exit the tower by another method which may include enclosed spaces, ladders and heights.
  2. I am aware that the above means that certain medical conditions may mean that I am at higher risk than normal. These conditions include (but are not limited to) heart conditions, asthma, vertigo, claustrophobia and I am aware that it is my responsibility to disclose any such condition to the officers of the tower.
  3. I have no pre-existing health issues that would stop me being physically able to climb up and down the steps to the Ringing Chamber and (in the case of emergency exit being needed) I confirm that I am able to climb further steps and walk along an outside walkway without problem and without impeding the pace of others using those emergency exit routes.
  4. I have no ‘Sexual Harm Prevention Order’, ‘Sexual Risk Order’ or ‘Safeguarding Agreement’ in place with any parish, diocese or tower and I have not currently/previously been subject to a safeguarding allegation/investigation. (If this is not the case please contact the Cathedral Safeguarding Adviser detailed below).
  5. I agree to comply with the Cathedral security arrangements at all times and understand that these may be subject to change at short notice.
  6. I have provided my name, contact details and any relevant medical information to the Tower Captain and/or Secretary. These details will be held confidentially for up to a year to ensure the health and safety of all visiting bellringers to the cathedral.
  7. I have informed the Tower Captain of the name(s) and age(s) of my children and confirm that my children are at least 11 years of age.
  8. I have supplied my details or the contact details of the adult accompanying the child.
  9. I/nominated adult will sign the tower register in the ringing chamber beside the name(s) of my child/children in the register.

I understand and agree to abide by all of the rules and procedures as set out above, and I confirm that the statements above are accurate. I understand that my data will be held by the Portsmouth Cathedral Society of Ringers and Portsmouth Cathedral for up to 12 months and that this declaration will be considered relevant and current for up to 12 months from the point of signing it.

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